Other Workshops


Storytelling Entrepreneurenhances the potential of marginalized microenterprise entrepreneurs through the use of mobile learning to expand their educational opportunities and improve the quality and success of their endeavors. Local aspiring entrepreneurs are trained with business skills that can help them grow their business through the use of the stories of the self-sustainable business models of other entrepreneurs who have succeeded and thrived in similar environments. As part of the workshops, local entrepreneurs share their stories in digital formats via affordable mobile devices. Through the sharing and expansion of this digital video bank of entrepreneurial success stories and lessons learned, these workshops build a supportive network for the development of entrepreneurs and improvement of their opportunities in underserved areas around the world.

Empowering through music


The Task-Based Learning (TBL) Workshopsutilize mobile technology to bring foreign language curriculum, for example, such as English Language Learning to remote classrooms. The mobile learning platform presents students with a series of tasks that engage them in learning a foreign language. Rather than a set of static questions and answers, TBL Workshopsasks students to use their mobile devices in a variety of ways and contexts to perform dynamic tasks that gradually increase their knowledge base. Students use and are exposed to a wide range of multimedia—photos, video, text, and audio—that will not only help them with their language skills but also will develop valuable skills in device management and multimedia creation. Each task is designed to increase literacy and fluency in a variety of contexts, while keeping the instruction and interface as uncomplicated and intuitive as possible. The innovativeTBL Workshopsserve a dual purpose in getting educational technology into the hands of underserved children, as well as helping them learn the language of the international business community. Combining engaging tasks, mobile technology, and a robust curriculum that covers three levels of proficiency, the TBL Workshopsare an empowering learning tool for students in developing countries.


The Mobile Learning Workshops for Blind Children are uniquely designed to enhance spatial intelligence and executive functioning skills of blind and visually impaired children in a mobile learning environment.

Empowering entrepreneurial women in Rwanda


Our Art Workshopsempower by drawing upon one of children’s greatest assets – their creativity. Drawing, painting, and other artistic expressions foster creative outlets that connect underserved children to the global network of artists. Our Art Workshopsdevelop children’s artistic skills and help them in expressing and sharing their experiences with the world. Art created by these children are collected and used along with the stories (1001 Stories Program) written by them or other children from underserved areas. The art along with the stories are converted into digital products that are shared with the world. Donations from downloads are then reinvested in these local communities.


Musical creativity must be nurtured in order for it to mature. Our Music Workshops help underserved youth develop and advance musical creativity by giving them a foundation in the basics of music and allowing them to create their own songs. Youth in underserved regions do not have access to musical instruments. Our Music Workshopsprovide mobile application based musical instruments incorporating free applications from smart phone devices that are easy to understand and simple to use. The workshops encourage creativity and motivate young composers and lyricists.
Art workshops in Palestine