Seeds of Empowerment truly believes that without local partnership, projects cannot sustain. Thus, we always seek and secure partnerships with various local and regional entities. We collaborate with partners at three different levels: strategic, academic, and sponsorship. Our partners help us plant and cultivate empowerment seeds around the world. We are extremely grateful for their commitment and support. In this way, SoE has been able to direct all donated funds to the necessary expenses of projects implemented, allowing us to operate with only minuscule overhead.

Strategic partners:

We maintain strategic partnerships with different organization such as nongovernmental organizations, government entities, academic institutions, corporations or individual groups to work towards developing and executing programs that support the our long-term strategic plan. The scope of such partnership usually involves mutual support at different stages of projects.

Academic partners:

We develop academic partnerships with institutions to work towards research activities in the field of mobile learning and development. SoE works with its academic partners to conduct pilot studies, develop customized content, and field testing for different models that attempt to enhance the educational experiences of children in marginalized communities.

Sponsoring partners:

Our sponsoring partners provide funds and resources that help us do all the work we do. Sponsoring partners also help us raise awareness about our programs and our organization.