Our Vision

We bring education and enhanced learning experiences to underserved communities through the use of innovative mobile learning technologies.

Our Vision is to reach the unreached, to educate, and to empower.

The value of education and its impact on improving lives is undeniable. The global need for education– especially for underserved and hard to reach populations worldwide – is equally undeniable.  Seeds of Empowerment believes that technologies, such as mobile learning technology, provide an opportunity to meet this need. We are committed to reaching the hard to reach population through pedagogies integrated with innovative technology. Our Beginnings. Dr. Paul Kim (founder) visited underserved communities around the world and was struck by their poor education environment and sought to find a way to improve them. With his expertise in educational technology, Paul felt strongly that basic and accessible devices, such as mobiles, could provide the simple, flexible, and robust solutions needed in the extreme conditions he found in developing countries. With this in mind, Paul set out to create mobile learning technology designs specifically tailored to work in just about any conditions and without depending on any infrastructure. About this time, Paul met Neha Taleja (co-founder) at a conference in Silicon Valley in California and she expressed her strong commitment to give back to her home country.The convergence of their vision and drive inspired them to leverage their professional expertise and personal experiences to form Seeds of Empowerment in 2009. Paul, a leading innovator of educational technology is the CTO and Assistant Dean at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. Neha, a learning designer, is a native of India who lived the struggle for education first-hand growing up. She was able to succeed against difficult odds.Together Paul and Neha share a passion to make those educational opportunities reachable for the world’s underserved. With a vision to reach the unreached, to educate, and to empower, Seeds of Empowerment was born. Seeds of Empowerment programs seek to be a catalyst and to change the story in:
  • Underserved and hard to reach communities
  • Countries with highest rates of out-of-school children and highest rates of illiteracy
  • Fragile and conflict affected regions
  • Regions with a need to bridge the digital literacy gap
  • Regions with underperforming students including those that are at risk or have high dropout rates