mPower Girls

Educating and empowering girls through mobile technology

The mPower Girls Programcreates real learning opportunities and strategies, with mobile technology, that are uniquely suited to address some of the barriers to education for out-of-school girls and to support girls still in school to successfully complete secondary education. Girls and women comprise the single largest underserved and hard to reach group in the world. The advantages of educating girls, not only for their own empowerment, but the benefits for their families and communities, are well-documented. The tremendous public – economic and developmental – benefit to educating girls is not matched in the same way by educating boys. Educated mothers have healthier families. Educated mothers are more than twice as likely to send their own children to school.

Engaging girls still in school with mobile learning to successfully complete secondary education

Using mobile learning to reach out-of-school girls

Supporting education advancement for girls
While gender parity in primary enrollment has significantly improved, there remains a persistent gap in the critical transition from primary to secondary education. Too many girls around the world face inordinate barriers to go to school and stay in school - lack of physical access due to distance, safety, early marriage, as well as cultural, religious, and economic constraints. Our mPower Girls Programaddresses the unique barriers to girls' education by using innovative approaches with mobile technologies to contribute to the advancement of girls' education. ThemPower Girls Program,in tandem with other Seeds of Empowermentprograms, offers supports that are specifically targeted at hard to reach girls – health education, entrepreneurial skills, and mentorship. ThemPower Girls Programbolsters literacy, education advancement, and entrepreneurial capabilities for girls.

mPower Girls Program Students

  • Develop comprehensive 21st century literacy skills
  • Learn entrepreneurial skills
  • Participate in collaborative mentoring environment
  • Develop confidence along with skills

mPower Girls Program Features

  • Opportunity to reach hardest to reach girls
  • Provides a discrete, flexible, and portable solution that addresses some of the specific barriers to girls’ education
  • Bridges gender technology gap
  • Cost-effective and offers high value return