1001 Stories

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Our mobile storytelling program, 1001 Stories, brings meaningful learning to some of the hardest to reach populations around the world. We aim to facilitate the creation, development, and gathering of 1001 empowering stories from every participating local community. 1001 Stories … is only just the beginning … be a part of the story! Children love to tell stories. However, in many places in the world, their creative voices are rarely heard or cultivated. The 1001 Stories Programconducts storytelling workshops that build on children’s natural potential to become original storytellers. Through the 1001 Stories Program, children are empowered while their literacy skills are developed. When integrated with mobile technologies, these stories become an effective tool for literacy by growing reading and writing skills grounded in local languages and local themes in underserved areas worldwide.

"… Tomorrow, Ashura will start her studies at a great school … Ashura promises that she will study very hard and will become an inspiration to all children. Most of all, she will never lose hope."

- excerpt from Girl with a Hope story from the 1001 Stories series

"My words, my story, to my world."
- author of Three Boys story from the 1001 Stories series
The 1001 Stories Programleverages the rapidly expanding global mobile network to foster literacy development and a self-sustaining entrepreneurship model. Children learn to read the stories that children in other parts of the world have created and then write their own original stories. As a part of the program, selected stories are published and made available to be purchased, generating a self-supportive, entrepreneurial model. All proceeds from the publications are re-invested into the local communities of the 1001 Stories Program. These young authors from underserved populations become a part of the story by creating their books. You can be a part of the story by purchasing their books from 1001 Storiesseries and by supporting Seeds of Empowerment from Amazon. SoE Store

1001 Stories Program Students

  • Read stories written by children from around the world
  • Understand what makes a good story and the narrative arc
  • Write, draw, and narrate original stories in local languages
  • Learn how to create digital stories
  • Learn how to apply technology features of mobile devices

1001 Stories Program Features

  • Promotes literacy and empowerment
  • Fosters creative writing skills
  • Provides technology experience and skills
  • Encourages entrepreneurship and sustainable development
  • Increases cultural awareness and global understanding