Our Mission

We cultivate seeds of hope and opportunity for underserved communities around the world.
Seeds of Empowerment strives to educate and empower the world’s underserved and hardest to reach populations through mobile learning. The SoE mission is rooted in the S.E.E.D philosophy with programs that focus on:
Self-sustainability: Programs to support participants in continuing project-related and other activities to advance their development and empowerment.
Education: Programs to improve access and quality of education through mobile learning using skill-specific contextualized content.
Entrepreneurship: Programs to promote entrepreneurial skills by involving participants in the global content-sharing platform.
Development: Programs to target learning activities that result in skill development and capacity building.
Seeds of Empowerment’s approach is to target the world’s underserved and hardest to reach populations who are the most likely to be out-of-school:
  • Poorest learners.
  • Learners from remote, rural, and isolated areas.
  • Learners from indigenous populations.
  • Learners from migrant and refugee families.
  • Child laborers and children living on the streets.
  • Children impacted by trafficking, abuse, and violence.
  • Learners disenfranchised from political and economic centers.
  • Learners with disabilities and special needs.
Seeds of Empowerment promotes learner-centered programs that are rooted in local partnerships and provides sustainable mobile learning solutions that offer access, affordability, and adaptability to educate and empower the hardest to reach.