Why Education Is Our Focus?

775 million illiterate adults around the world

132 million out-of-school children

An additional year of schooling yields ...

  • 10%

    increase of personal income in low-income countries

  • 20%

    increase in earnings for girls

  • 0.37%

    increase in a country´s GDP

Why We Use Mobile Technologies?

  • 4.3 billion

    estimated individual mobile phone subscribers

  • 5.9 billion

    mobile phone subscriptions worldwide

  • 80 - 90%

    population worldwide with some access to mobiles

Mobile technologies empower learning by providing solutions that offer:

Seeds of Empowerment Approach

Strengthening the learning process and augmenting the impact of teachers where they are in scarcity.
Targeting underserved groups and hard to reach populations: girls and women, poor, remote and rural population, indigenous, migrants and refugees, child laborers, street-children, and those impacted by violence, trafficking, and abuse.
Using innovative research and learning approaches to bridge the education gap where it persists by promoting 21st century skills through the use of mobile technologies.
Providing a common platform for projects, initiatives, and entrepreneurial ventures to converge and collectively work toward sustainable empowerment through education.